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Jacob was Born June 2, 2015 by emergency Cesarean Section,

weigh: 7lbs. 5oz

18.5 inches tall

Not too sure of the stats, just what i was told by my husband, they didnt  write anything down for me, nor did i recieve a hospital birth certificate, or his new born foot prints, do they do that anymore? , guess you have to order it via internet vital records, i feel cheated. anyways he spent 7 days in NICU on a CPAP something to do with Pulmonary hypertension



now he is home , he seems to  cry alot, seeing pediatrician tomorrow 7-7-2015

Pediatrician update 7-7-15 : Jacob weighed in at 10 lbs. and 4 oz today and is 22 inches tall, and is doing great, just a case of colic and i have to watch what i eat as i am breast feeding, he doesnt like spicy foods i take it LOL other than that We both are doing great, getting over baby blues and on to really enjoying my perfect precious bundled up gift the sweet Lord sent me!


Sept 8. 2015 Jacob saw the cardiologist today, did an EKG and an ECHO and took pictures of his heart. Dr diagnosed him with Patent Foramen Ovale.In short means a hole in his heart and should close on it's own. Follow up with Cardiologist again in 4 months Jan. 8 2016. to see if did close.

my Almighty Lord, again i humbly beg you to watch over our little Jacob and heal him with your power and  glory in Jesus's name . Amen



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