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Cartons, the official name of Rocket League's plunder boxes, have been supplanted with the main Blueprints. These Blueprints drop after online matches and show a player a particular thing Rocket League Items that they can make with credits. 

With the update, players who recently held Crates and Keys had those things changed over. Containers became unrevealed Blueprints, which are like the old Crates. These Blueprints should be uncovered before they can be utilized to make whichever thing they're showing, or before they can be exchanged. Keys are changed over to Credits with each Key being changed over to 100–130 credits. Thing exchanging has likewise had a slight patch up. Decryptors are additionally changed over to Bonus Gift, which is allowed to open. 

Players can exchange singular things for either credits or things (credit-to-credit exchanging isn't permitted). After a fruitful exchange, players will be put on an exchange hold where they can't "exchange Credits, things worked from Blueprints with Credits during the exchange hold, or things from Pro Buy Rocket League Items Tiers of Rocket Pass bought with Credits during the exchange hold." 

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