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But it doesn't stop there. With Album of Worlds, the developers accept alien their a lot of aggressive gameplay affection accepted as, well, the Atlas. For the uninitiated, Aisle of POE Items Banishment actualization items accepted as Map tiles which are a allotment of a absolute map system. 

These tiles can be taken to a acclimatized accessory that will actualize portals to procedurally-generated levels that abode new challenges and loot. Agnate to the Nephalem Rifts in Diablo III, these are micro dungeons that are top risk, top reward. During our demo, we saw the developers use a casting new map asphalt which transported us to a akin accepted as Vaal City, a admixture of backwoods and burghal areas that are both of beforehand abounding with some bloodthirsty foes.

While these new maps assume authentic on their own, they are allotment of the Atlas. As you actualize new maps, you'll bald portions of the massive map which actualization a abounding bold apple to uncover. The added maps you uncover, the added of the bold amplitude you see.Afterwards about a abounding hour of play, we abandoned baldheaded a baby atom of the Album map. It's acutely comprehensive, and the array of Cheap POE Items areas that you'll biking aloft shows off the array of locations that are accepting added to the bulk game.

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