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Grinding Accessory Games’ Aisle of Banishment will see the end of its Betrayal Alliance afterwards today at 1 PM PST. If you haven’t ashamed the Immortal Syndicate, baffled Uber Elder, or even taken down the big bad Kitava, you adeptness ambition to bustle up. Starting tomorrow, Betrayal will be migrated into the bulk game, bringing advanced all characters and beforehand fabricated into Buy POE Items the Accepted League.


In a contempo arrangement post, the developer aswell arise that Azurite from the Betrayal Alliance will be added to one’s absolute Azurite in the Accepted League. The centermost Burrow affiliated afar will aswell backpack over, as will any credible mods. That accepting said, you won’t accretion admission to said mods afterwards affair Jun first.



As for the next League, Synthesis, it goes reside on March 8th. Players can complete 40 new challenges with altered microtransaction rewards to unlock. There’s the Synthesis Crown, Synthesis Pet, and Synthesis Wings to unlock, depending on the challenges completed, alternating with a Synthesis Totem Pole adornment for one’s hideout. Analysis them all out in the bivouac below


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