Leonardo admitted PSG used to try to bring Messi to the team.


Although Lionel Messi has already announced that he will stay with Barcelona for another season, but the latest Leonardo, director of sports at Paris Saint - Germain. I admit that when Messi wanted to move that team, "PSG" was interested in the Argentine players to join the army as well. But I admit, too, that the current financial problems make it extremely difficult.
 Leonardo, sporting director of Paris Saint-Germain The billionaire club of the French Ligue 1 admitted that their team previously interested in acquiring the famous Barcelona striker Lionel Messi to join the army as well.

    A few days ago, Messi made the football world buzz after deciding to file a move to leave Barcelona this summer. Which is referred to as the news about the hard move, where Manchester City were seen as the first favorite to get him to join him, but Messi was reluctant to live with. "Azul Grana" following the problem of not being able to use the contract termination conditions

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