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In April 2003 NBA season,Michael Jordan participated in a meaningful competition with the white Air Jordan 18,later,he forever faded away from screen and people's horizon without any warm.When we were still immersed in the excellent function design of the Air Jordan 18,this out of expection leaving puzzle people quite a lot.How will it come?How about the Air Jordan brand?Then,it arrived,the Air Jordan 18.5 which with innovative while classic performance appeared which bring great surprise and hope to people!Specifically engineered for cardio boxing workouts, the Real Air Jordan 18 Shoesplatform and creates a performance shoe that provides ankle and foot stability. Here are some key features of the model.Containment: a large outsole radius provides greater ground contact and foot-movement control. Cushioning: Air Max cushioning gives maximum comfort and support. Reactive: the design allows support and responsiveness for cardio boxing classes and workouts. Versatile: premium materials combine with performance mesh. And they are available in our Cheap Real Air Jordans website.

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