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In every corner of the planet, parents love their children equally strong. However, educational parenting techniques in each country vary due to mentality, a way of life, and traditions. While Western parents concentrate more on the idea that a child is a gift from heaven and try to ensure a child’s happiness, the Chinese model is based on inurement to work from the cradle. A successful system of education should be based on the fusion of the Western and Chinese systems in order to raise hardworking, educated, and happy children.

In my opinion, to raise children successfully, it is important to combine the best features of the Chinese and Western parenting techniques. According to Chua, there are three major differences between the Western and Asian systems of education. First, Western parents give priority to the self-esteem of children. In contrast, Chinese parents recognize only force and offer no indulgences. Second, Chinese parents believe that children are obligated to them. The roots of this belief lie in the Confucian tradition of filial piety and in the fact that many parents make sacrifices to give children the best education and training. Asian parents are obsessed with their children and are willing to do everything for them. However, Chinese mothers also believe that their children owe them almost everything. Therefore, parents expect that children will return all debts and ensure that their parents are proud of them. Western parents, in their turn, are not fanatical in the upbringing of children, and most of them do not think that their children are obligated to them. Third, Chinese parents believe they know what is best for their children, and they are guided solely by their views, without taking into account the opinion of their offspring. On the other hand, Western parents are more open-minded, and they often let children choose what activities to undertake.

Every child can be successful in school. The only reason for a child’s failure is the laziness of its mother. Rosin does not agree with such ideas, stating that the most important thing is freedom of choice and expression. The system of education that was proposed by Chua has a negative impact on children and it is crucial to be less strict. Chua affects the quality of children’s social life. Therefore, it is necessary to take everything in moderation and reach a compromise by combining the most effective techniques from these two opposing cultures of parenting in order not to suppress the freedoms of children and to bring up a hardworking and successful person.

It is important to borrow the method of educating a person who respects the elderly and family values from the Chinese system. The main features of the Chinese family include cohesion, the secondary role of women at home, and unquestioned authority of seniors. As all Chinese people used to be subject to the will of the emperor in the past, their children are supposed to express unconditional obedience towards the will of their fathers. In China, the pedagogical idea is to raise a well-read, versatile, and polite person who has an internal self-control and knows how to reach harmony. As a result, the relations in the family are built on the respect of the younger to the older ones. In order to create a successful educational system, parents should incorporate the above mentioned methods and features in their parenting activities.

On the other hand, to raise a free person with independent interests and opinions, it is crucial to borrow the following feature from the Western system of parenting. Western parents believe that children have the right to their own choices. They respect their choices and views, and they think it is wrong to impose what they do not want on them. The Chinese, in their turn, believe that the best protection for children is preparing them for a difficult life and teaching them skills, habits, and self-respect, which will help them survive.

Parents should also borrow a method of instilling love to work, discipline, humility, and ambition from childhood from the Chinese parenting techniques. In China, parents send kids to kindergartens rather early, sometimes at three months. Breastfeeding is terminated from the moment when a baby is able to bring a spoon to its mouth. Thus, diligent development of children begins at an early age Chinese parents do not regret effort and money for the comprehensive development of the child and the search for talent. Patrick Goldstein states that Chinese parenting methods are extreme because children are not permitted to watch TV, play, and get bad grades “as they prepare to be successful in life”. In contrast, Western parents are far more permissive. They tend to provide their children with much more personal space and allow them to undertake various activities. In order to raise a versatile person who is both socially and intellectually developed, parents apply the above mentioned approaches in moderation.

In conclusion, both Chinese and Western parenting systems have their own unique advantages. The Chinese tradition of education is rather severe and strict. Parents accustom children to discipline and prohibit everything that does not serve the purposes of education. The Western tradition of education, in its turn, supports the child’s choices and creates a favorable environment for the possibility of its self-development. A combination of Western and Chinese styles would be ideal for raising children. The fusion would ensure reasonable discipline and freedom of choice at the same time. The children raised by means of such techniques would grow obedient and would never go beyond the established rules. Taking into account the fact that the Chinese system of education is a mode of maximum loads and the Western model is characterized by respect for the child, a combination of both will create a perfect environment for raising a happy and successful person.




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