Feeling Anxious

Today I am 27 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Hey those days make a difference, especially in the pregnancy world since everything operates off weeks and days pretty much. Im feeling pretty good, pretty huge. I cant seem to get to comfortable at night anymore and my guy sleeps up under me every single night or my belly so that makes it pretty much difficult to find a good position. My skin is starting to have a bit more acne than usual and its coming across my forehead and chest area. Other than that everything is pretty much normal. I never seem to get full lol. It seems that I constantly am eating on something or snacking. My stomach seems to never end. I find my favorite is frappes, although i know they are baddddd lbs. I dont drink hem often jst every blue moon. I went to my doppler ultrasound yesterday to find that my future little one heart rate seemed to have a slight murmur. Its every few beats, it was definately enough for me to panic, but I ws told this was normal for most babies and it could come from smoking or caffiene, something that can make the baby jittery or hyper. I have another one set for next Friday and will be 28 weeks then, so I shall see how that goes. I also have non stress testing that  I must  attend twice weekly until I am due, I have must have doppler ultrasounds every 1-2 weeks and an ultrasound every 3 weeks until my DD. This pregnancy has really taken my thru the loop and I have never been so sick. At this time, Im jst doing my countdown although it seems so far ahead. My DD is Oct 7,2016. Based off the fact that her weight might be low in the doctors eyes, they are planning to take her 1 to 3 weeks early based off how much percentage of what she gains between now and then. This has been such an emotional journey but I know in the end it is going to be well worth it. Im anxious to meet this little person that keeps me up at night and such a night owl. Im a bit nervous bc this is my 4th child and although I know what to expect just meeting this new little person is making me so excited. My children and bf is very excited to have a new baby in the household. I have had sooo many emotions going thru me these past few months, i can even say that I at a point turned into Incredible Hawk with how crazy I was going. Motherhood is the best feeling ever and to feel a baby inside you kicking and knowing that you are creating life, is such a wonderful emotion and feeling. We have less than 13 weeks to go. Baby we are waiting on you :)


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