The most detailed wedding reference book of June

Wedding planning scheme and the process is each couple must be arranged in advance, it is then the prototype of the wedding, is now with another solid form, is the perfect wedding essentials. A classic wedding plan will be unforgettable and leave a good impression.

Wedding planning scheme and procedure: decide wedding date and place

1. Time:

2. Location:

Wedding planning and procedures: determine the best man, bridesmaid

Best man: bridesmaid:

Wedding planning scheme and procedures: to determine the marriage, the witness

Married: XX, member of the standing committee of the district committee and minister of publicity department

Witness: XX, secretary of the party branch of XXX primary school

Wedding planning scheme and procedures: issuing wedding notice and giving candy

Send happy notes to friends and relatives

2. Call relatives and friends in other places

Post your wedding notice online

4. Timely feedback invitation information of relatives and friends

Reconfirm important family and friends

Wedding preparations

1. Self-provided items:

(1) wedding ring

(2) the invitations

(3) a red envelope

(4) cigarettes and lighters

(5) liquor, beverage, beer and champagne

(6) sugar

(7) camera

2. Hotel provides

A. wedding venue layout (2.18)

(1) background, arch, red carpet, happy words, ribbon, pull flowers

(2) flowers (one for the bride and one for the flower girl)

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(3) two tables of flowers at the main table

(5) sugar, tobacco and pea drinks

(6) double wedding cake

(7) one champagne tower and one champagne

(8) spray (6 guns)

(9)40 pink balloons

(10) the golden child carries flowers

(11) put 2 petal baskets, 4 pallets, and petals distribution

(12) the bride, the witness, the bride and the groom shall each have one breast flower

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