Golden wedding decoration - welcome card

The design of the welcome card can choose a wedding photo of the couple as the main content, plus some elaborate decoration can be. Generally, the reception card and check-in desk are placed in the same place, which serves as a guide for guests to know that the entrance of the wedding banquet is in this place.

Sign in Taiwan

Golden wedding decoration - sign in

If the reception is large, the check-in desk can be larger, with two sign-in books and a few pens, so guests won't be crowded. When the couple arrived at the wedding, they left their names to show that they had arrived at the wedding, and they also left their best wishes for the couple on the sign-in book.

Wedding catwalk

Golden wedding decoration -- wedding runway

Wedding T stage is the couple at the wedding ceremony to walk the road, and the design of the road on both sides have led, can play some soft beside the road led lights, T stage can also be designed to be transparent, when the couple walked past T too, T too under the lights as the couple in the footsteps of light up. What a beautiful design it will be and I believe it will leave a deep impression on the guests.


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Golden wedding decor - dining tables

The dining table is a place for guests to eat, and occupies a certain place throughout the wedding. When designing the wedding scene, you can put some table flowers, tablecloths and tableware on the table that echo the theme. Let every detail of the wedding be closely related to the golden theme, which further points out the theme of the wedding.

Back of the chair

Golden wedding decoration - the back of the chair

Seemingly not outstanding back some, of course, also should pass elaborate design, can be tied with a golden ribbon on the back of the chair on some yellow flowers, or with golden silk satin will be wrapped at the top, and then tied on some color ribbon. However, whatever the design, as long as it fits the theme of the wedding is excellent.

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