The bride-to-be skin whitening tips 6 homemade facial mask effect quick and good

Prospective brides to see luo, small make up bring benefits: bride-to-be skin whitening small coup, let prospective brides on their wedding day water, fair appeared in front of the guests, make a beautiful bride. The whitening effect is quick and good 6 homemade whitening masks are recommended to prospective brides.


Milk mask



Bride-to-be skin whitening tips 1, homemade milk whitening mask



It is believed that many MM have tried to whiten with milk, the effect is really good, especially in the refrigerator ice milk. Milk whitening mask can promote facial blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, whitening effect is very significant.



Practice: bride-to-be can use make up cotton suction with milk, and then apply is in facial ministry, summer can put the make up cotton in the fridge frozen effect will be better, about 15 minutes after get off, and then washed with water will face milk. Prospective bride holds to use in premarital 1 month, can make complexion white net even. This is one of our favorite homemade whitening masks.



Green tea powder whitening mask



Bride-to-be skin whitening tips 2, green tea powder whitening mask



Green tea powder is rich in vitamin C and can be used as a mask. Green tea is less acidic and does not irritate the skin than lemons, which are also high in vitamin C. In addition, the tannic acid contained in green tea powder can also promote skin shrinkage and help to improve skin appearance. Besides beautiful white skin, still have bactericidal effect, to acne fester also has special effect, bride-to-be might as well try.


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