5 Warning Signs to know That Your Kid Is Sexting

Sexting! There was no such word prevalent when we were kids or teenagers. But, nowadays there is rarely a week passes when we hear the news that some kid or teenager is being bullied over the internet or has been harassed due to cybercrime. Teenagers think that it is quite common to send private images and messages to their partner with whom they are dating. But, they do not have an idea that the person who is receiving the images or the messages can use it online to make you a part of cyberbullying. Even there are several online predators who keep themselves hidden as teenage profiles and abuse kids through the internet.

Sexting is actually sending private images, videos or messages. It has become quite common among the teenagers these days. A survey made in 2015 showed that 65% of the parents fear that their kid uses their smartphones to send these explicit images or contents. But, the parents do not ever question their kids regarding sexting contents. If you are one of those who finds their kid hiding his phone all the time and also texting secretly, be aware. Here are some warning signs that your kid is sexting and what you can do about it-

  1. They have become overprotective about their smartphones when you try to grab it. They even hide the phone under the pillow while sleeping or put the phone in a bag or somewhere when not present in the room.

  2. They always text their friends from a secret hidden place or turn their back to read or send the messages when someone comes near to them.

  3. They become angry, defensive or uncomfortable when they ask about their secretly use of the phone. If they are hiding nothing, there is no meaning in getting angry or defensive. Often kids cannot differ between the privacy and secrecy.

  4. You can see a change in their school grades. They become too much involved in the sexting that they even start to ignore their regular responsibilities. This is one of the main signs that your kid is doing something that is illegal or explicit.

  5. Change in the friends' circle or group can be one of the vital signs. If you check your kid’s social profiles, you can see bad images, posts etc.

How to Control Your Kid from Online Bullying or Predators

If you see these above-mentioned signs in your kid, you should take steps to control. Here are some of the ways by which you can prevent your teen from sexting-

Trust your Instincts- If you suspect your kid might be involved is sending explicit contents, you should take action immediately. Parent’s intuition is always right.

Discuss With Them- Though it might seem uncomfortable to discuss with your kid regarding what type of contents or images they are sending, but if you want to control it, discuss straight.

Uses of Parental Apps- There are various apps available that help the parents to control their kid’s activities on phone. The parental control app can protect their kid from cyber danger.

Thus, if you want to bring back innocence in your teen’s life and protect him from cyberbullying, you should try to discuss with your kids or else use applications that will control their activities.


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