Late period for 11 days.

Hi mummies. I need help. My last period was 15 sept 18 (6 days lenght). Expecting next period was 14 Oct 18,
so i missed my period in oct by 11 days which on the 25th oct 18 theres blood flow with light red color of blood for 3days.
On the 4th & 5th day only tiny spotting. Check home urine test for 3 days straight and it negative.
Any chance that im having implatation on 25th oct?
I do experience exactly the same happen with my 1st born.
When is the best day to check pregnancy test. Thank you.
Hoping for 2nd born now.

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  • susanv

    You should check the pregnancy test on the day after your expected period and in the morning hours, with your first urination of the day.

    spanish dictionary english

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