36 weeks and 2 days

WOW I can't believe these past few weeks have flown by so fast and I have just a few more weeks left to go give or take until Jacksen comes. I'm now starting to become tired of being pregnant, the heat this summer has been so bad, I'm having alot of back pain now and my ribs are so sore from lil one kicking them 24/7 LOL!! I started having labour dreams not sure if maybe that is a sign that he might be coming early or maybe that is me hoping he might come abit early but I guess the next few weeks will speak for its selfs. Other then that baby and myself are going good. I got some shopping done today and have more to do tomorrow to get the last of the stuff I need  and then I'm all set and ready for Jacksen to come :)

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  • meekspirit00

    so glad your doing well! Can't wait for your magical moment of when Jacksen arrives, I love those first few days especially too! maybe it's the relief of not being pregnant anymore , or just simply.......relief . I wish you the best birthing experience!