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I can't believe that I only now have 103 days left to go until I hit my due date, I'm hoping that Jacksen will come just on time maybe a few days early would be nice so that I can have sometime to relax before the new school season hits I really don't want to miss Trentyn's first day of school. So far I'm feeling great all thou this lil guy loves to kick and move around throw out most of the night keeping me up sometimes he kick extra hard to make sure I do wake up lol, I don't mind I love feeling him move and kick around. So far I have most of my shopping done still have to get a few more things for him but hoping to have everything by mid July and wow thats not really that far off either seems like theses past months are just flying by about 7 more months before we hit Christmas again, lol I should really stop blinking. Anyways ladies I hope all is well and you all have a very happy mother's day weekend :)

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