5wks and 6day

Tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment to see my family doctor and to pick out my new OBGYN, I'm so nervous as my last one that I had when I was pregnant with my youngest son he wasn't a really nice man he also had a few students that where working with him that where even more rude then he was it was very stressful and went back to my first OBGYN that I had with my other 2 pregnancies but even ran into problems with him as he wasn't really around and left me hanging...I'm really hoping that I will land a very good OBGYN I really wish I remember the one doctor who deliverd my son he was awesome.

On other note I'm now 5wks and 6 days throw my pregnancy and so far I feel great, I've been doing alot of baby shopping call me crazy I know its way to early for that still but I just couldn't help it. There was a sale that was going on and I just couldn't past it up. Anyways ladies its getting kind of late for me I'll update more tomorrow after my doctor's appointment, wish me luck :)

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