My Early Christmas Gift :)

So I'm 3 days late, and so I went out and bought a HPT and just had to take one of them when I got back home as I just couldn't wait anymore. I've been telling myself that there was no way I was pergnant because I really don't feel like I am. But I got my BFP it took me a moment for it to sink in that omg I'm pergnant and then the tears ran down my face in happiness. I feel so blessed and can't wait as the weeks go by and watch my lil peanut grow, I'm really hoping that this lil one will be a sticky one. Eraly Christmas gift and I'm loving every moment of it so far :)

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  • skipija

    Greatest Christmas present ever! So happy about you!!!

  • krysdissius

    I sure will I just took one and uploading it to the computer now, and thank you so much I'm so over joyed right now

  • meekspirit00

    on the first day of Christmas your true love gave to you! A Baby! LOL yayyyyyyy!

  • meekspirit00

    awwww congrats on your BFP, i've been praying for you, i am so happy with you, * grabs both your hands and laughs and squeels and jumps up and down along with you!* yay!!!! dont forget to post your picture of your BFP P-stick! i am so excited for you!