When It Is Too Fast and When It Is Too Late to Start Decorating the Nursery

If you are expecting your first child, you may want to know when it is too fast or too late to begin decorating the nursery. While there is no set rule to that, many parents wait until late in the second trimester to start decorating and furnishing the nursery. This is because of the fact that at that point in the pregnancy, and with modern medical advances in neonatal care, babies can survive by that point in gestation.

However, the longer into a pregnancy the woman goes, the more likely there is nothing to worry about. Even so, many new parents are superstitious and want to wait until the last weeks leading up to delivery. It’s really up to you, but here is some of what you might want to know.

Why Waiting Too Late Can Be a Mistake

As mentioned, neonatal care has come a very long way in the last few decades and many babies are being saved as early on as 23 weeks. If you have a premature baby at 30 or 35 weeks and have put off decorating the nursery, it could be problematic trying to get everything done before bringing baby home from hospital.

How can you possibly spend your days up in the neonatal ward with your preemie while shopping for and assembling nursery sets? Some parents like to wait until the first sonogram is conclusive on the gender of the child. Even though there are lab tests that can determine the sex of the child, they are invasive and can pose a danger to mum and baby. Therefore, ultrasound technology is usually relied upon.

Decorating Too Early Can Also Be Problematic

While you are filled with joy at the news that you are pregnant, it could be a bit problematic decorating too early on in the pregnancy. Sometimes there are false positives and first-time parents get their hopes up only to be dashed when they find they are not expecting. It can be heart breaking to think a new baby is on the way only to find out that the home pregnancy test gave an inaccurate reading.

So then, it is always best to wait until a medical professional verifies the pregnancy at the earliest you would want to start decorating baby’s room. Even then, if you want the room to be done up in traditional boy or girl fashion, you can’t very well do that if you don’t know what you are having. Also, what happens if you are pregnant for twins or triplets and you’ve only bought one nursery set?

In the End – Patience Is a Virtue

There is much to be considered when decorating the nursery, and as anxious as you are, it’s better to refrain from doing too much, too soon. Wait until all tests are conclusive and you know the gender unless you are going for neutral colours. Make sure mum and baby are healthy and a normal delivery is expected.

You never want to get your hopes dashed to the ground if you’re not pregnant, but you also don’t want to wait too long, or the nursery may not be done up as you’d like. So, when is it too fast and when is it too late to start decorating the nursery? It’s up to you, but in the end, patience is a virtue.

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