Single Parenting

The American society is still based on the traditional family values. According to the common opinion, traditional family with two parents is the best environment for raising children. With two parents, a child can fully grow and develop into a happy adult. Nevertheless, more and more families deviate from that ideal. With the increasing divorce rates, marriages are falling apart that lead to single parenting (Ingraham, 2014). Divorce is usually a failure. It means that parents failed in building good relationship even for the sake of their children. Therefore, single parenting is considered to have negative impact on child behavior and development.

Single parenting has negative impact on child behavior because children imitate their parents. The child, who has just one parent, learns one pattern of behavior. In the case of a single father, the child adopts masculine behavior pattern, and in the case of a single mother, the feminine one. Furthermore, a child cannot see the patterns of interaction between two genders and it will influence his or her entire life in the future.

Furthermore, single parenting negatively influences child development. Children who do not have a full family usually live in stress. Single parents usually work hard to provide their children with all they need. For that reason, a single mother or father spends much time at work. Meanwhile, children grow without getting enough attention, love, and support. With no attention, they are likely to think that they are unimportant to their parents. That leads to low self-esteem in the future and can contribute to attention disorders and other psychological problems. Single parenting is difficult for both children and their parents. Parents cannot always cope with their work and parenting and children suffer from this. Therefore, single parenting is completely disadvantageous from my point of view, and I see no advantages in it.

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