The Baby

Once upon a time there was a baby eagle living in a nest perched on a cliff overlooking a beautiful valley with waterfalls and streams, trees and lots of little animals, scurrying1 about enjoying their lives.

The baby eagle liked the nest. It was the only world he had ever known. It was warm and comfortable, had a great view, and even better, he had all the food and love and attention that a great mother eagle could provide. Many times each day the mother would swoop2 down from the sky and land in the nest and feed the baby eagle delicious morsels3 of food. She was like a god to him, he had no idea where she came from or how she worked her magic.

The baby eagle was hungry all the time, but the mother eagle would always come just in time with the food and love and attention he craved4. The baby eagle grew strong. His vision grew very sharp. He felt good all the time.

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  • PaulRushton

    The babies usually lean over the edge of the nest to poop, assignment help uk however now and again they miss! Food particles stay in the nest after each sustaining. Eagles don't spotless their nest. Rather, they add fresh leaves and other plant parts to conceal the spoiling food and eaglet poop.