End of privilege over 100 points! 5 points, Liverpool lost to Arsenal.

"Reds" Liverpool lost the right to set a record as a club that has scored more than 100 points already. After they stormed to lose "big guns" Arsenal 1-2 at the Emirates Stadium, the English Premier League game on Wednesday 15 July the past.
Sadio Mané started the league championship beautifully with the opening of the first goal. And it looks like every It will be in the hands of "The Red", but due to the personal mistakes of Ferdinand Van Dijk and Alessong Becker, the team lost 2 goals and lead to disaster due to a disappointing defeat. painful
For now, "Reds" still have a fixed score of 93 points and the remaining 2 games, which even if they can win all the highest, only a maximum of 99 points. This means that the German manager Klopp failed to break the 100-point record Manchester City made during the 2017/2018 season.

1. Fanike-Alissong Normal people can go wrong
This game has to say that Liverpool's defeat was due to personal mistakes by Fergil van Diike and Alesson Becker, who are known as two consistent players. And the most reliable in the army "Red Swan" this set
If looking at the truth, the timing that Van Diik returned after the mistake May be a foul because The Dutch defender has been repressed by Nelson Rees, but in the end, "VAR" insists that the home team did not do anything against the rules. This job has to give benefits to Arsenal by default. 
At the same time, to admire Alexandra Lacazette shows his stillness by tapping the ball to avoid Alesson before breaking. However, everything may not be so bad if Brazilian outposts Did not make a terrible mistake that caused him to lose the second goal
Actually, Alesson is a goalkeeper who can use his feet as well as his hands, but this game does not know that he was only thinking about celebrating after the Chelsea match at Anfield. In the middle of next week or not !! ?? So the person can kick the ball very badly And was the reason that Lacazette was snatching the ball before delivering the tray to Nelson to press without the remains




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