Don’t let your height be the reason of loosing any opportunity

Overall personality is something which is made including lots of personality traits such way of talking or eating, the clothes you wear, the looks, the skin quality you have and many others. Height is one of the personality traits a person have which is one of the important amongst all. In many jobs, a certain height is an eligibility criterion and the people who fail to have that are disqualified. Also, short sighted people are often judged and commented nastily because of their short height.


Short height won't be problem anymore:

Heels are the perfect answer to your problem of being short-height, these do not only give you a certain height but also provide you’re that sexy quotient which you may require at times. Heels are many types such as wedges, kitten heels, medium heels, peep toes and pumps, you can choose any of them according to your choice. Pumps are one of the heels that make you look smart, sexy, sleek all the same time and generally used as professional or work wear but if you want to go to a party wearing this, you can surely. Women's pumps are available in various height and colours which you can choose according to your requirement.

Pumps elevate your height, give a different posture to your body which is actually sexy and smart, so it is advisable to have at least one pair of pumps with you, you can take a look on various options at berrylook.


Tops which never goes out of trend:

Spending on clothes all the time is actually not possible and quite frankly not practical too. So, while shopping for certain clothing, it is advisable to take some pieces which you can use anytime you want, some options are always in trends like the cute tops with cartoon patterns or pictures, the chiffon tops, the lace detailing top, the top with cut-out detailing and many others. It may take a while to discover what will go with the trends all the time, but after you will discover you won't be spending time on thinking on choosing trending clothes every day plus money to buy the fashion-forward clothes since you will have those already.


The tops which are ever trendy can be paired with any kind of bottom such as jeans or shorts or pleated pants or any other you want. Well, these days finding the right piece of garment is actually a hell of a task, but you can surely check out the collection at

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