Can you drink milky white soup on the table?

Can you drink milky white soup on the table? Now many people go to the restaurant from time to time to eat, and when we go to eat, we will find a phenomenon that the table will be prepared with a creamy soup, taste good, But drink it carefully.

Milk soup is not mysterious

Fan Zhihong, associate professor of nutrition and food safety at the Food Science Institute of China Agricultural University, told reporters: "When soup is served, the soup can appear milky white with three conditions: fat droplets, emulsifier and water. Fat-containing raw materials, boiling in the role of boiling, the formation of droplets of fat, the outside is emulsified to form a stable emulsion system, and then evenly dispersed in water, while the emulsifier is the soluble protein in the food which protein has a certain Emulsifying properties, which wrap around the fat droplet so fat, which is completely incompatible with water, can be uniformly dispersed in the water and scatters as light encounters these tiny droplets, and looks visually milky white of."

"So if you want the cream to be creamy, you need fat-rich and protein-rich materials," explains Fan Zhihong.

"For example, crucian carp is a rich source of soluble protein, but fat is low in ingredients, light cooked with crucian carp can not get the effect of milk soup to make up the fat, it is necessary to put the fish inside the fried fish "

Fan Zhihong told reporters that these fried fish oil, into the boiling water, the formation of fat droplets. In the fire so that the soup has been kept boiling, so that small droplets of fat continue to be broken up, unable to gather together; the same time, the process of cooking, the fish dissolved in the protein gradually dissolved, wrapped in the fat droplets formed on the milk white soup.

Fan Zhihong added that in order to boil the time-honored creamy soup in the restaurant, some directly add milk to the cooking process, and add creamer (also known as creamer) to the soup, which is low in cost Consumers are hard to tell.

Milk soup will not be more nutritious

Gao Hui-ying, chief physician of the Chinese Society of Nutrition, said: "In most cases, what we mean by soup is dirty soup such as duck soup, chicken soup, fish soup, pork ribs soup, etc. However, no matter what type of raw material is used for soup, Basically the same.

Most of the nutrients contained in the soup are protein, fat, sugar, inorganic salts (calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, etc.) and a small amount of vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B family. After a long time stew, the protein is broken down into amino acids, purines and other substances, but fat is rarely decomposed. So whether it is put soup, or put a soup of milk or pig's skin, the total nutritional content or so much. "

China Center for Disease Control and Prevention Nutrition and Food Safety, a researcher told reporters that what color soup with its own nutritional value does not matter, but the creamy soup is always better than the translucent soup to look good, but also more exciting From people's appetite. Also, if you add milk or mayonnaise to the soup in the restaurant, it will not harm people's health. But if it is creosote, harmful to the body.

Many will feel a little thick soup, indicating a higher nutritional value, more conducive to healthy eating, so that these nutrient soup are more like, but hope that the above content or analysis, we should pay attention to when eating, do not Blindly drink the soup on these tables.

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