Parents Teach Your Kids About Friendships!

Parents, remember back in our old school days when we when we were really young and naïve, and still thought that friendships were all about popularity? Remember when we used to stare at the most popular boy or girl in school and actually believe that they had the most friends, and, he best friends, too? Do you remember how perfect we thought the most popular boy or girl in school and all their friendships must be?




Well, now that we are older, we all know how silly and naïve those past beliefs of our youth were, huh? We're probably glad that we have matured enough and have finally wised up enough to no longer believe that craziness about the most popular kids in school being perfect, right?


































































































































































Well, guess what? If we are now old enough and wise enough as adults to know the difference between phony friendships and real friendships, then there is also a good chance that we are old enough to have young kids of our own now and be parents ourselves. I also suppose that many of our kids are old enough to be going through the same misleading situations and thoughts that we had gone through as kids too in school.


































































































































































Now, it's our job to teach our kids how to spot true friends as well as be real friends themselves. While doing this, let's also educate them on how not to pre-judge others without getting the facts first. Let's teach them that it's okay to look outside of the pool of 'popular' kids for potential friends. Let's also teach our kids how to identify the common behaviors of real friends versus fake friends who may have their own negative agenda.


































































































































































Furthermore, we should also teach our kids how to stand up for others, even when it's doesn't seem like the popular thing to do. Someday this positive karma and positive character that comes from being a real friend will come full circle in creating some great life-long friendships that will make this world a better place for all of us.

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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