Using Baby Walkers and Facts You Need to Know Once Your Baby Learns to Walk

Seeing your kids learning how to walk is an exciting moment. There are several milestones in your kid's life, and walking is one that you can't miss. You need to understand these facts to avoid confusion as you teach your kids to walk correctly.

Babies don't have to learn how to crawl first

It is a myth that babies need to crawl first before they can walk. The truth is that they can walk even if they do not learn how to crawl. Therefore, you don't need to worry that your baby is behind the developmental stage if, after a few months, your baby still doesn't crawl. Your baby might surprise you to one day by standing up and walking. Crawling and walking are not in a linear pattern, so you need to stay enthusiastic.

Walking at 12 months is not a must

Some parents have this false notion that their babies need to learn how to walk at 12 months, and if they are behind, they start stressing out. Babies have different paces of learning. Some of them learn how to talk months behind other kids. It does not mean they are slow. Various factors might affect their willingness to learn. You need to keep encouraging them to walk without putting too much pressure on them. Babies learn how to walk between 9-16 months. Give them some time to learn.

Walkers help, but you need to be careful in using them

You can let your baby learn how to walk using baby walkers. You can even buy one with toys that are on the walker to keep your baby entertained when learning how to walk. Remember that these walkers will help your kids exercise their feet to practice walking, but you still need to guide them. Walkers don’t necessarily teach balance. Babies might also walk too quickly because of the wheels. They could be at risk when walking near the stairs. Therefore, you need to choose the right walker and only allow your baby to use it when you are around.

Shoes are not necessary for learning how to walk

Apart from the fact that baby shoes are cute, they don't necessarily serve any purpose when they learn how to walk. It could even go the other way as these shoes prevent babies from learning how to balance, resulting in falls and injuries. They learn to walk because of the texture of the floor and walking barefoot helps them. The only time when you need your baby to use shoes is when you are outside since the ground can be too risky for them. They might walk on thorns and other sharp objects.

The most important fact is that kids learn in different stages. Avoid forcing them to walk when they are not ready as the results could be the opposite. You also need to remain supportive (without panicking) if they do not learn as quickly as other babies.

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