Ways To Increase Fertility And Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

If you are ready to begin a family you may be looking to increase your chances of getting pregnant by taking some small steps to ensure you are in top reproductive health. There are many things that can contribute to your reproductive health and many of these are within your own control.

Your overall health is essential to your reproductive health. If you body is not coping with supporting its own processes, it will have a very difficult time supporting the life of an embryo as this is a very taxing experience for even the fittest and healthiest of women.
The onus is not only on the women to be in great health to conceive, the quality of the sperm will depend on the man's overall health as well. Toxins in our systems can have a detrimental effect on both the quality of the sperm and the egg reducing the fertility of the couple dramatically.

Toxins can come from our food, the air we breathe as well as our lifestyle. Cigarette smoke is extremely toxic to the developing eggs, sperm and embryo. In worst case it can contribute to miscarriage. Alcohol is another source of toxins that inhibit fertility. It can affect a woman's hormone balance and disrupt the production of healthy sperm.

Caffeine can also contribute to reduced fertility as is narrows the blood vessels and can cause miscarriage.
To increase your fertility you should consider increasing your intake of water. Water is essential for cleansing our systems and keeping us hydrated. Maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI). Being underweight is just as serious a problem as being overweight when it comes to fertility as both will cause havoc on the hormonal balance of a women trying to conceive.

Regular exercise will help to maintain a healthy BMI but will also aid in circulation. Importantly it will help in moving the toxins out of your system preparing your body for a successful pregnancy. Exercise is especially important for the woman as the next 9 months will be exhausting and will take its toll on the body. Exercising before you become pregnant will also help to prepare your body for labor.
Reducing stress is also important as this can cause a cascade of health conditions that may inhibit your ability to conceive. Stress also releases toxins into the system, although if you have been trying to conceive for a while it is inevitable that stress will be present. Maintain a positive outlook and if necessary engage in stress reducing activities such as Yoga or meditation.

By taking control of your lifestyle choices you will increase your fertility and improve your chances of getting pregnant. You will also reduce the chance that medical intervention will be required. For more tips you can visit Ankoor IVF centre in mumbai for conselling & be extremely confident about the pregnancy

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