No longer pregnant

34 weeks and 5 days I have an appointment where they are doing regular visits and stress test this day they finally see the bad contractions
I had been having and I got sent to the hospital first night the shots to stop contractions was given. It didn't work the next day we discuss
a pill that will stop contractionsIf its false labor . well all day and night contractions wouldn't stop .The next morning which put me and baby
at 35 weeks pregnant I gave birth to a 6 pound 4 oz baby boy through c section

He is now in nicu and I officially know how it feels 2 be a preemies mom back n forth 2 the hospital and being restless and trying to heal myself
I'm tired emotional and upset because my side of the family stepped up and now the other side trying 2 care and be here .I cry and pray believe
And have faith

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