3rd baby

So i had my first daughter back in 2009, my second came in 2012 & now me and my husband are expecting our 3rd, we have two beautiful daughters  they are complete opposites from each other one is the sweetest thing you will ever meet not counting some mornings of course, and the other well shes spoiled we do not take pride in that and she can be so mean to her older sister that we do not even know where we went wrong with her but we still love her regardless of the mean little attitude. Thing is this is my 3rd and possibly final child because i want my children to have much more than we had growing up in a family of 4to5. Ive always wanted a boy since the beginning of our marriage but we got instead our girls, on march 31st of 2016 we find out the gender not sure wether i should find out or just wait till the baby is born to see just because im scared, some may say only thing that matters is that they come out healthy, yes i understand that but ive always felt that i wanted to have a son someday. Regardless i am happy and i will love him/her no matter what.

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