Welcome to the new look Pregnology

Hi everyone and a very warm welcome from the new look Pregnology.

We would like to apologise for our absence but we wanted to make the site bigger, brighter and better than before so thanks for your patience.

My name is Rosalyn and I am currently the site administrator so if you have any suggestions, ideas or concerns about the site please let me know. That includes any instances of harrassment, bullying or trolling as this will not be tolerated.

We want to be able to take this journey with you so make yourself a profile and tell us about yourself. Find some groups or friends and make use of the tools provided. Read the articles and information and if you have any articles or interesting news items of your own let us know.

Good luck with getting pregnant, being pregnant or enjoying your new baby.

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  • lindz4784

    Hi Rosalyn, I was wondering if there was a new way to see all the days of your pregnancy day by day with date and how far along you are. Currently, I am only able to see it by date, a check mark and how many days to go. In my first pregnancy, in this same chart/list, I was able to also see how far along I was each day. For example, 5 weeks, 1 day. Is there a way to get this all on the same list for all the days of your pregnancy? Is it possible to add that to your existing list? Thank you so much!