4 Important Things For Children`s Development

While food, shelter, and clothing are the basic needs of people and once these necessary conditions are met, we should then try to ensure children get to meet the rest of the conditions that ensure sufficiency. The Akshaya Patra Foundation tries to ensure that it is able to serve food to the school-going children and ensure they get a wholesome meal that ensures their physical well-being. The following may be considered as important.

1. Physical Health, Well-Being And Motor Skills

Good, healthy food ensures that some activities help develop a child's large and small muscle control, their coordination, and their overall physical fitness. There is a need to Feed The Children healthy and wholesome nutritious food to help them in their holistic development.

2. Developing Socially and Emotionally

Social and emotional development ensures that your child is able to make and keep social relationships, both with adults and equally with other children. The child will be able to learn to recognise and express his/her feelings more effectively. This will help the child gain experience in understanding and be responding to the emotions of others.

3. Approaches to Learning






Each child is unique in every sense. Thus, how they approach new tasks, many of the difficult problems on a daily basis or challenges they face are unique. These activities will kindle the child's curiosity, interests, and teach them to focus on any given job and also make them stay on task. Research also suggests that there are strong links between positive approaches to learning and success in school.

4. Ability to Think and Gain General Knowledge

If the child develops ability to think and gain general knowledge, he can figure out how the world works and how things are organised. The child will understand the ways to learn things and improve the problem-solving ability and abstract thinking. As children are the future it's important that they know what's happening in their surroundings and what's happening in the world so that they can react to the developments and prepare themselves.


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    Communication, Language and Literacy.

    The need to develop these abilities among children are important for their holistic development. These activities will help a child learn to express himself/herself and understand what others around them are communicating. Early reading and writing skills ensure that the child is able to learn and know about the world around them on a daily basis. That's where every child has a right to education. This right ensures that they can communicate by learning languages and read. This, in turn, would help them to grow into a wholesome person.

    While these mentioned points alone may not be exhaustive, but these are among the most important of qualities that need to be imbibed by a child to ensure it grows up to develop into a mentally and physically healthy human being.