Is Tea safe for Toddlers…?

   There has been a lot of debate regarding this topic but the main concern is should toddlers be allowed to drink Tea or not? different people have different opinion. Many doctors say and have also warned that young children shouldn’t drink Tea then what about our ancestors who used to give Tea to our elders right from their childhood days and like them even many of us must have drink Tea when we were kids….?. From my childhood days I have seen my Mother, the first thing she have after getting up in the morning is Tea and so do I, you can say it has been a habit but now I feel it has become a necessity. The moment I don’t get Tea on the daily time, I start feeling restless and sometimes headache too and like me many of them who are a regular Tea drinker must be having similar experience. So, now my question here is why this happens…? If being a grown up person we are facing such problems being a Tea addictor then just imagine, what will be our toddler’s state if they will have Tea on regular basis…? I myself feel upset when I see Tea or Coffee being given to toddlers or babies. So, here I am to discuss about the effects of Tea on toddlers and also trying to give my view on whether it is safe for toddlers to drink Tea or not…?

    Tea is said to be a recognized source of flavonoids and plant compounds also it is full of antioxditants, nutrients and minerals with many health benefits like boosting health and also is a hydrating agent but up to a certain extent it is said Tea is an excellent drink. Children who drink milky Tea, as compared to fizzy drinks and packet fruit juices are getting sugar-free source of fluids. But like other caffeine containing drinks, Tea should be consumed in moderation.

          Many Doctors have said and also warned that young children shouldn’t drink Tea because it can interfere with the absorption of Iron in the body. Iron been an important element for the toddlers growing body and brain development, the deficiency of iron in kids body might result in under development of brain and also Tea contains compound called as Polyphenols, which binds with iron, making it harder for the body to absorb it. Sometimes iron deficiency also causes symptoms like tiredness and lethargy and can also make difficult to concentrate for kids.This habit also makes teeth stained at later stage of life. So to keep healthy teeth one must clean the toddlers teeth and keep oral hygiene alway on top

         The main ingredient in Tea and Coffee is Caffeine. It is a stimulant and acts on the central nervous system and this is the reason because of which you feel refreshed once you drink the Tea as it stimulates your nervous system. For elder people a cup of Tea or Coffee in a day is ok but for the babies it is a complete no.

The effects of giving Tea to toddlers:

  • Low Nutrition Filler-

As compared to Tea or Coffee, a cup of Milk or a glass of fresh fruit juice is very much healthier and give more nutrition to a toddlers body.

  • Sleep Issues-

Kids who are having habit of drinking Tea or Coffee on regular basis are found to have sleep issues.

  • Diuretic-

Tea and Coffee are said to be Diuretic, It means the more consumption of them leads to urinate more and which further leads to lack of calcium in the body due to the loss of calcium through urine.

  • Increased Sugar Intake-

The more you drink Tea, the more will be your sugar intake thus leading to decaying of teeth and the problem of obesity in kids.

  • Stomach Problems-

The tiny stomach of toddlers is not ready to handle the effects of Caffeine and if they are given Tea it can lead to several stomach problems and also heartburn and acidity.

The kids many times mimic the elder ones, There little mind think of holding the Tea cup in the front of newspaper like Daddy does or the way how Mummy does. But in such a case, just to please them we can give our kids the same cup but with the milk in it and can tell them they will get Tea or Coffee only when it is the right time for them to have.

Personally it is recommend Tea should not be given to children at young age. As your kid grow old, it’s fine for them to have Tea but that too at moderate level.

My personal opinion to this topic is:

  1. Even if you are giving Tea or any Caffeine beverage to kids, don’t give them at early age and even if you are giving, give them the Tea which do not contain Caffeine and that too when it is very essential like to cure cough or cold, etc.

  2. Give your kids herbal Tea to drink because herbs also have other medicinal effects, if they approach you with a desire of having Tea.

  3. Don’t try to force kids regarding having Tea, explain them about the presence of Caffeine in it and its effects on health.

  4. Don’t allow your child to drink Green Tea or Black Tea until she/he turns 12 or 13.

There are variety of Herbal Tea available in market or you can make it at home itself, they are safe as well as healthy for your kids

Here is the list of some herbal healthy Tea:

  • Cardamom Tea-

The flavor of Cardamom is very aromatic and is loved by many kids. You can add Cardamom Seeds in their Tea. This Tea helps in curing stomach ache, nausea and indigestion.

  • Fennel Tea-

It is one of the oldest and safest Tea, making a herbal Tea using Fennel not even tastes good but also have several health benefits. This Tea has anti-microbial property which protects your kid from infectious diseases and it also helps in curing respiratory disorders. It proves beneficial for elders too.

  •  Ginger Tea-

When your kid is suffering from cough and cold, nausea and motion sickness then giving your kid a Ginger Tea helps in quick recovery of illness.

At the end I will conclude saying, depended on your choice and interest do have whatever you like be it a Tea, Coffee, flavoured milk or juices but for a toddler Tea is not a healthy habit.


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