Zusje vertelt…

Zusje vertelt…

"Mama?", She waits until I look at her and give her my attention. "I think my dolls are autistic," she says with her sweet voice. "Why do you think that?" I ask her curiously. "Because they can not talk like my brother either."

Before I can answer, she continues with her story. "But that does not matter at all, because like my brother they are very sweet, soft and I can cuddle with them. Only the dollies are sleeping in my bed and my brother is sleeping in his own bed, "she says wisely. "What a lovely thing to say" I say to my daughter.

So young and so wise
I know I should not do it, she is still too young, but I can not resist it and ask her if she sometimes finds it difficult for her brother to have autism. "No, because he is my brother and I always enjoy the autistic school," she answers. A smile appears on my face, I tickle her, change the subject and tell us to go into the city, for shopping and drinking coffee.

A brother who is 'different'
She falls asleep in the car. Her sweet remark about her autistic toys is running through my head. I am sure that growing up with an autistic brother increases her knowledge of being 'different'. That she will get a broader view of the people in this world and make her an even more beautiful person. In spite of that she does have to do it every day. She does not know better, but it's all about Sonic.

Everyone can be there!
Fortunately my husband and I have a clear vision of our family life. We are all important. Everyone can is made time for. There is space, time and attention for all of us. Relaxation and 'personal' moments to recharge are scheduled.

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  • Phoebe-Cox

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