Your BFF is expecting!

Your BFF is expecting!

When your best friend told you she was pregnant you were overjoyed. Now she's about to pop and you're more nervous than she is!

You've cleared your calendar for weeks around her due date, so you're not caught short!
'No sorry, I can't do lunch that day. Or the next. Or for a full two weeks.'

Every day you have a new reason to talk to your BFF, but you both know it's only an excuse to see if baby is on her way.
‘Hey how are you?’
‘No, she's still in.’
‘Okay, thanks, bye!’

You suddenly know the date every day
‘March 1st, what a great day to be born, hint hint'

You make predictions based on nothing whatsoever
‘A year from tomorrow we were in the park and seen that cute baby, remember? That means you're giving birth tomorrow.’

You can't stop imagining how your own child will soon be playing with her new best friend. Now that's a match made in heaven.

You talk to everyone about your best friend's baby. Everyone.
‘Yeah my BFF's baby is due today’
Waiter: 'Ah, okay. And to drink?'

Every time your phone goes you jump.
‘Yes! Is, hi.'

You try to remember giving birth yourself, so you know exactly what to do when her day comes.

When you see her, you talk to her belly all the time.
‘Come on out, little one!'

You spend so much time with her that you develop her cravings, put on weight like she is, and secretly want your own baby.

You are happy for her, but also worried. If you could take the pain of childbirth from her, you would.

You are proud of her and tell her every day.

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