Young couples with baby are seeing relationship therapists more often

Young couples with baby are seeing relationship therapists more often

Relationship therapists are working overtime, because many young couples with a baby need to talk to someone to save their relationship.

A baby has more influence on your relationship than you can imagine. For some couples, the relationship after a delivery changes so much that they turn to professional help.

Your relationship is already changing during pregnancy
Not only after delivery will your relationship be put to the test, your relationship will change during the pregnancy. If you are pregnant, your hormones will play havoc and you will have a different outlook than usual. You are more insecure, not only about the future, but also how your partner looks at you. But there is more, your sex life becomes different and your partner can feel insecure and excluded.

Tips to keep your relationship well after giving birth
As many as one in three couples are in a relationship crisis when the child is born. How can you survive that crisis? In the article '5 tips to keep your relationship well when you have just become parents', advice is given on how you can avert a breakup. But even if these tips do not help, do not hesitate to take the next step and call in a relationship coach or therapist.

Long waiting lists
Nevertheless, it is important not to wait too long to ask for help from an expert, because the waiting lists are long. It now takes an average of nine months before you can go to a specialist. 

Did you and your partner have a lot of problems after your child was born? How did you overcome your relationship crisis?

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