Young couples are deciding not to have children

Young couples are deciding not to have children

How beautiful is it to crown your love with a child of yours  own? Well ... That is no longer so obvious. Many young couples are worried that a child will put pressure on their relationship and therefore increasingly decide not to start children.

Carolien Gravesteijn, lecturer in parenting and parental guidance at Leiden University of Applied Sciences, tells that young couples are increasingly aware that parenting is not always a pink fluffy cloud.

They also think that it can put pressure on their relationship with their partner. "The relationship really gets a dip," says Gravesteijn.

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For a research project, the lecturer will follow 600 parents whose children are almost four years old. "The parents we follow indicate that having a child is really intense. This crisis is now being discussed much more and seems to me to be an important explanation that makes others wait longer for children to get rid of them or to abandon them altogether. "

But it is not just a matter of trouble and ailment. For example, the research also shows that most parents have overcome this dip again. "They find their way, but in the first instance many parents underestimate parenthood."

What about you? Did you find it hard to have a child? And did it have much influence on your relationship?


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