You really do not need these for the baby...

You really do not need these for the baby...

After the first lap of a big baby store, you are probably completely confused. There are so many baby products that you no longer know what you should or should not buy at a given moment. Of course everyone uses different stuff, but these things are really not necessary for baby.

1. Bottle warmer
You do not need a device for this. You can put a bottle in a container with hot water, this will warm the milk up perfectly.

2. Bottom cloths heater
The cloths will probably not be so cold that your baby cares. Do you use a heater for toilet paper for yourself?

3. Baby food processor
Baby bites will be available from four months. There are all sorts of food processors for this, but if you have a blender or stick mixer in your home, you can just use that.

4. Baby bath cape
A baby bath cape is basically not necessary, because an ordinary towel is sufficient. Especially not for a newborn baby, because their head is too small for the bath cape anyway. 

5. Too many newborn diapers
Do not invest too much money in diaper size 1. You do not know exactly how big the baby will be after birth and they grow super fast. It is possible that he will outgrow them within just a couple of weeks.

6. Shoes for a newborn baby
If there is one thing that newborns don't need, it's shoes. First of all, he can not walk yet and secondly it is not good for his feet at all. In the first months the baby only needs to wear socks and fabric booties.

Is there something you bought but never used?

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