You better not say these things to adoptive parents

You better not say these things to adoptive parents

There are a lot of people who adopt a child and there are many different reasons for that. Do you know someone who has adopted her children or is about to do so? You may mean well, but they do not want to hear these things.

"Now you will become pregnant!"
And then come up with a story of the sister of the neighbor who suddenly became pregnant after adoption. You mean it positively, but also implies that the adopted child is less desirable than a biological child.

"You don't have have to endure pregnancy and childbirth, so you've got it easy".
Adoption is sometimes a years-long process and it can be very painful and stressful for the parents. It is not easy. And also remember that the expectant mother may very much have wanted to be pregnant, but that this might not have worked.

"Where are the real parents?"
Use the term biological parents rather. People who adopt children become the 'real parents' of the child.

"How much did you have to pay?"
Not okay to ask. It's about a child and starting a family, not the costs of it.

"My friend's colleague also adopted a child and it was terrible".
Do not tell negative stories about adoption. If someone is pregnant, you don't start talking about miscarriage and cot death.

Are you an adoptive parent?

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