Wonder why you're constantly tired? The average mother has 59 tasks per day

Wonder why you

Are you tired all the time and do you spend the day nagging? You're not crazy. A new survey of 1,583 mothers has shown that the average mother performs 59 tasks a day and most feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

The list of activities of mothers seems endless, according to The Daily Mail. From activities for your child's school to cooking, cleaning up, working, brushing your child's teeth and reading them before bedtime. Will it never stop ?! Most mothers feel overwhelmed by their never-ending task list.

Nine out of ten UK mothers surveyed admits that she takes the lead when it comes to child-related household chores and two-thirds feel that her partner relies too much on her to get everything done - and all other tasks fall on her.

From preparing lunch to driving to the hockey club
According to the results of the survey, the average mother jumps out of bed at 06:38 and the majority are back in bed at 22:38 after completing the 59 tasks of that day. No wonder that at times we slightly overstrained and react irritated to a whining toddler ... More than half of the mothers admits regularly forgetting things like getting food from the freezer for dinner or a doctor's appointment. Before the working day of a mother begins she first sneaks out of bed to empty the dishwasher, prepare the lunch for the children, make breakfast, take the children out of bed and make sure they wash themselves and their teeth to brush. Even after school it does not get any quieter because the children have to be brought to ballet / football / other activities and have to be fed.

To give themselves a little bit of rest, many mothers serve a ready-made meal to their children once a week. Other tasks on the average to-do list of the mothers are ironing, tidying up, changing the beds and cleaning up the garbage. In addition, there are many administrative tasks related to the school of the children, for example, and the weekly planning.

In short: we have a Very Heavy Life. Curious about the 59 tasks? You can find them here.

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