Women sees dead grandmother's face in scan photo

Women sees dead grandmother

We have all seen a story from someone who saw the face of Jesus somewhere, or almost put his teeth in a slice of toast with the Holy Virgin Mary burned in it. Now there's mom-to-be Louise Corkill. She says to see her deceased grandmother's face in her unborn child's scan photo.

Sex determination

The thirty-year-old Louise underwent an echo at fifteen weeks to find out the gender of her child. When she heard that she was expecting a boy, this was already a shock. She was convinced she was having a girl.

But that was nothing compared to the shock that would happen later. When she had a picture of the scan she was shocked. She saw the face of her grandmother Mary Parkinson, who died in 2001.

De echofoto


Louises oma


Louise has been carrying the scan for a long time. If someone says they are skeptical, she slides it under his or her nose. Some have said that the scan photo must be edited, but Louise is clear that it is the original.

The picture is now framed at home.



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