Woman refuses painkillers after collision in order to breastfeed baby

Woman refuses painkillers after collision in order to breastfeed baby

A mother's love is the strongest love there is in life. Mothers often put their own needs aside for their child. This is once again proven by mother Danni Bett. She got involved in a car accident after which she went into the hospital with a lot of pain and a brace around her neck. But because she wanted to feed her own baby breastmilk, she refused pain relief.

When Bett and her baby were on her way to Christchurch, New Zealand, to visit her father, she lost control of her car and bumped into a metal fence. The car was a total loss and Bett no longer remembers how she climbed out of the vehicle, but her only priority was to save her baby.

Baby Indi was sleeping peacefully in the car when the accident happened. Then she started to cry immediately. The ambulance came immediately on the spot and the crew decided to take mother and child to the hospital after a short check.

Refuse bottle feeding
Both were taken care of in the hospital. Bett had a lot of pain but refused heavy medication to make her pain more bearable. The new mother wanted to feed her own daughter at any cost. The doctors suggested preparing bottle food for Indi, but Bett politely refused.

Eventually the mother got the nurses convinced and she was allowed to feed her own child while she was lying in bed with a brace around her neck. "It was such a relief, I wanted to comfort and calm her as a mother anyway," she says. "It felt like a wrong choice to give her a bottle after such a traumatic day."

A nurse from the hospital took a picture of this special moment and sent it to the world wide web: 'If you want to breastfeed your child, do not let anyone or anything stop you,' he added. The post was viral and that was exactly what Bett had hoped for. "With our story I wanted to reach other mothers about breastfeeding and that the choice of the mother is everything that counts."

Source: DailyMail

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