Woman marries her sperm donor after she finds him online

Woman marries her sperm donor after she finds him online

It could be a great script for a film, but it really happened. A woman found the donor who has fathered her child with her and married him!

Aminah Hart had chosen Scott Andersen from a stack of three profiles to become the father of her future child. And although the process was anonymous, the mother said she wanted her little girl to get to know her father. Aminah found Scott through the Internet on the basis of his first name and profession - he is a cattle farmer - and contacted him via the IVF register to send him a photograph of Leila.

"It was unreal," recalls Scott after meeting Aminah. "I looked at this little girl - she looks like my other children and has blond hair and blue eyes just like me. She was not really my daughter, but she was. In the beginning I did not know Aminah, so I did not show much emotion. It was overwhelming in the beginning. "

Scott admits it was 'strange in the beginning', but when he met Aminah, their relationship became stronger and more romantic. "Aminah and I became friends and Leila started to call me Daddy and came to me all the time," he says.

The two eventually married and Aminah even wrote a book about it: How I Met Your Father, in which she describes in detail their unique love story. For those who want more: there may even be a movie.


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