Woman has a miscarriage and is still pregnant...

Woman has a miscarriage and is still pregnant...

Miracles exist, and 22-year-old Carina Marshall is proof. She as intensely sad when she had a miscarriage, until she experienced nausea several weeks later, so she suspected she was pregnant.

During a visit to a doctor, in which an ultrasound as made, Carina finds out that she is pregnant. And not just a recent pregnancy, but for a long time! The miscarriage she had turned out to be one of two children inside her. The other baby survived.

The afternoon after finding out that Carina was - still - pregnant, her boyfriend Kieran Morris went down on one knee. "We were so happy with this news and we had been talking about a possible wedding for months, it seemed like a great moment!" explains the happy future father and groom.

It happens - unfortunately - that early in the pregnancy one of the two embryos does not survive and the other does not.

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