Woman gives birth to baby who weighs six kilos, that's thirteen pounds!

Woman gives birth to baby who weighs six kilos, that

Chrissy Corbitt from Florida recently gave birth to her fifth child. Daughter Carleigh was brought into the world by means of a caesarean section and while she was taken out of her mother's belly, the doctors had to laugh. 'Little' Carleigh turned out to weigh more than six kilos!

Six months old
Her father, Larry Corbitt, says: "She has wonderfully thick cheeks and she is just pretty solid." She has the weight of a six-month-old baby and yesterday she even wore clothes for children of about nine months! " He continues "Diapers for newborns does not fit them, we have to buy size 3!"

Heavy pregnancy
Chrissy and Larry had no idea that their daughter would be almost twice as big as an average newborn baby weighing about three kilos. "This pregnancy was heavy, but not necessarily because Carleigh was heavy," says Chrissy, "Last year our kitchen burned down and I was burned for 27 percent on my arms and legs, and I also had anemia during the whole pregnancy. . "

How heavy was your child during birth?

Source: ABC News.The parents have made these photos available 

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  • EzraBorden

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  • Gareth-Short

    A woman gives birth to healthy baby. The weight of the baby is more than six kilos. The implication of the baby and ultius review is mixed for the dangers for the health for the future times.

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