Why your sense of smell improves in the first trimester

Why your sense of smell improves in the first trimester

During the first weeks of my pregnancy I suddenly could not stand the intense smell of coffee. And the air from the refrigerator, which I had never noticed before, came in like a sledgehammer. But I did not suffer during the second trimester. How is it possible that you can smell everything better during the first trimester?

Suddenly smelling better can be an indication that you are pregnant, while you have not even tested it yet! According to Dr. William E. Schweizer, affiliated with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the NYU Langone Medical Center in the United States, is more common in women who are just pregnant than you think.

"It is not uncommon for women during the first trimester of their pregnancy that they suddenly can smell better, but which causes the improvement of the sense of smell is not entirely clear."

According to Schweizer, it can be caused by the widening of the blood vessels. As a result, odors in your nose are better absorbed.

Taste and smell
It is well known that smell and taste are connected to each other. Smells that you suddenly do not like can cause nausea. Schweizer says that women who suffer from anosmia, and therefore have no ability to smell, do not suffer from morning sickness.

So you do not (yet) suffer from swollen breasts, the absence of your period or nausea - the most common indications that you are pregnant - but have from a stronger sense of smell than I would nevertheless a pregnancy test in house. You never know!

What can / could you suddenly smell better during your pregnancy?

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