Why we love our partners so much

Why we love our partners so much

He is the father of your (future) child. He is your lover. He is your best friend. And from time to time, it's important that stop and think how much he actually means for you and how much you love him.

1. Because he makes you delicious breakfast at the weekend.

2. Because you have those nice inside jokes that nobody understands.

3. Because when he laughs he gets those dimples in his cheek.

4. Because brushes your hair for you.

5. Because you can trust him 100%.

6. Because he is so fond of your baby.

7. Because he knows exactly when he has to leave you alone.

8. Because when you're at work and he's at home, he's always watching a movie with the little ones.

9. Because it does not interest him if you have put on  five kilos.

10. Because he compliments you from nowhere.

11. Because he has unconditional love for you.

12. Because he is always there for you.

13. Because he always gives you the feeling that everything will be fine.

14. Because he always loves to rub your back if you're in pain or just because

15. Because he often does the work to help your child when he knows you don't have the energy

16. Because you know he gets things done

17. Because he sometimes spontaneously purchases flowers for you.

18. Because you can't wait to get him between the sheets

19. Because he sometimes gives you a big kiss from nowhere

20. Because it does not matter to him if you are still wearing jogging pants five months after childbirth.

21. Because he is such a nice father.

22. Because you're a good team together and help each other

23. Because he is crazy about you at night and whispers in your ear that he loves you.

24. Because it's so nice to have Netflix together on Sundays.

25. Because he's the only one to laugh at your joke if you make a bad one and no one else does

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