Why we favor the left when carrying baby

Why we favor the left when carrying baby

Whether it's your own child, or your cousin or sibling: the chance is that you'll keep the baby on your left shoulder when you lift him or her. Research has shown that 70 to 85 percent of people instinctively go for the left, and there now seems to be a good reason.

A new study in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution now claims to have the answer. They noted that behavior occurs predominantly in women, and for example in female primates. The scientists now suspect that this has to do with the two halves of our brain.

Deeper bond

As you may know, the right side of our body is controlled by the left half of our brain, and vice versa. When we hold the baby on the left, we put the right side of our brain at work. And that part is responsible for processing emotions, but also for facial recognition. So if you look at the baby on your left arm, you form a deeper emotional bond to them.

In other words, a baby on the left helps to strengthen the relationship between you and the child.

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