Why every mother deserves a holiday on Mother's Day

Why every mother deserves a holiday on Mother

Dear mum. Just lie down and just pull the blankets over you. For the sake of convenience we assume that your partner has taken the children out of bed and as we speak is making breakfast for you. A little while and they'll come in with fresh croissants, coffee and a home-made present.

Until then, read on...

Today is Mother's Day because:

- You have carried a baby. In your stomach and / or in your heart. An achievement in itself.

- You gave birth. And we all know what comes next.

- You have raised your child with your own milk. Whether you have prepared and given a bottle several times a day with lots of love.

- You change diapers like it's nothing at all.

- You always put your own needs aside if that is necessary for your children.

- Just think about those sleepless nights!

- 827 loads of laundry a week is nothing to be sniffed at.

- You always do your best to keep up to date with the latest baby news here on Pregnology!

- You may have to occasionally count to ten, but you always have a smile for your baby.

Being a mother is the toughest, busiest, and most beautiful job you can have in life. We hope that today you will be pampered and will get a photo frame made with macaroni. You deserve at least that!

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