Who may be present at the delivery?

Who may be present at the delivery?

Have you thought about who may be present at the birth of your child? Just your partner? Or would you like to have your mother or your mother in law by your side? Or how about your best friend?

One woman might want as many friends and family present as possible, another might want only the professionals, everyone is different. It is always useful to consult with your midwife or your doctor if you want to have someone other than your partner.

But who may be there? How do others deal with this?

Miranda: "I thought it was great that my mother-in-law came in for a moment to say 'hello'. "I love my mother-in-law, but I had felt a bit uncomfortable to be exposed in her presence. She came to the hospital because she would take care of our child and collect the key from the house ... so when she asked if she could come in, I said 'yes'. "

Rebecca wanted to have her partner and her mother there. "I wanted to have my mother because she also experienced this and could give different advice and support than my partner. I think that two people are just enough. With more it would be too busy. You have to concentrate and their support was perfect. "

Fiona is firmly convinced that the fewer people the better, but admits "that in the end you really do not care".

"At my first I refused a second obstetrician including a delivery team. So it was only me, my husband and the midwife." Her second delivery was at home. "At first my husband and my son were there, until my son went to a play appointment. The midwife was there at the end, really just at the end. In the end, my husband, three midwives and two ambulance workers were in my small living room, all around the birthplace. "

Sally ended with twelve people in the delivery room. She had to undergo a caesarean because they were both in trouble. Her husband was accompanied by nursing staff, doctors, midwives, surgeons and the anesthetist. "It was not our choice, but a lot of people helped very well."

Who would you like to have during your birth?

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