When you realize that your little one is really getting big ...

When you realize that your little one is really getting big ...

"MOM! I have to pee!" My toddler was happy up to a second ago playing with his wooden train track, but as if stung by a bee, he jumped to his feet, pulling his underwear down with one jerk and running to the potty behind the couch.

Since last week my little boy is clean. I looked up a long and intensive process to get him out of the diapers, but everyone said that was a bad idea. From the first day we took off his diaper, he knew that from now on he would have to do his business on the potty. A sticker card with some nice stickers gave him the extra motivation to go through life without his diaper.

Baby off
What a treat to no longer have to wear nappies in size 5+ and to no longer have to change his diaper. I looked forward to it for a long time and now it's finally here. But at the same time it sticks in my throat a bit. Because is he really a baby now?

When I look at him, at his big boy face, I am surprised at how quickly the past 2.5 years have gone. He was put on my chest, I walked around with his little body on my forearm for all those nights, and now here he is peeing all on is own. The time flies by so quickly.

Still small
When I go to bed at night, I always walk past his room to tuck in his sheets as well and give him a sneaky kiss on his forehead. He lies flat on his back with his arms above his head. His hands in fists. He was always like that as a baby too. I watch his toddler face and come to the conclusion that he is actually still very similar to the cuddly baby he was, once upon a time.

It may all go way too fast, somewhere in that big body is still my little baby. Only now he says the sweetest things and he does not poop anymore in his pants, so in that respect it's an improvement.

When did you realize that your little one was really getting big?

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