When will baby start sleeping through the night?

When will baby start sleeping through the night?

One of the most common questions parents have is: when will my baby start sleeping through the night? Seems pretty simple, but often it's a complicated question.

Firstly: what does a mother mean by sleeping through? When baby sleeps for eight to ten hours in a continuous sleep, as simple as that. For the first few months it is quite normal that the baby (like all those months in the womb) wants continuous nutrition on demand. In practice, this means that a baby wants to be fed on average every three hours, even at night. A baby starts sleeping through between the two and four months. Around this period we mean they sleep for five or five consecutive hours.

Books & methods
There are many books and methods to help a baby sleep through, varying from 'letting the baby cry method' to training the child by waking them up more during the day. In both cases, the baby is generally not happy about it.

As a parent you should accept that babies just wake up at night for many reasons, and that this will slowly fade over time. Babies are not only woken by hunger but also because they do not sleep as deeply as we do and therefore wake up because they feel alone, in other words: checking where mom is. 

As the months pass, most babies continue to sleep more and more. Most mothers are awake at night and are used to an extra sleep during the day. This is because during the last months of the pregnancy they often woke up at night to urinate, to turn around (which becomes increasingly difficult as the belly grows) or because of the baby who kicks at night.

My advice is to take a nap during the day, or to go to bed earlier in the evening. Most importantly, don't worry too much - your baby will also sleep through when he or she is ready.

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